Making Space for Magic with Patty Lennon - Part 2

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We're doing something a bit different on the podcast this week. Today's interview is Part 2 of a conversation between me and Patty Lennon that we started on her The Space for Magic Podcast where we discussed my pandemic pivot in all things life, wellness, and business. If you haven't listened yet, go here and listen in. You'll discover what I did to transform my body, business, and mindset to allow for more alignment with greater joy and abundance in my life. And then we took our conversation to the Midlife CEO where Patty shared her business journey, the magical things that happened, and the abundance that's been sparked as a result. She shared the secrets and steps to receiving and how it's a critical piece to unlocking all that we want (you're not going to want to miss this part, especially if you're wanting more clients and revenue in your business). This episode is packed with so much, I cannot wait for you to hear all Patty shares. And make sure to grab Patty's FREE Receiving Guide at: To connect with Patty further go to: Facebook and Instagram Need more leads and clients in your business? Grab a copy of my FREE Ultimate Speaking Lead Generation Starter Guide here.

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