The Busiest Midwife in the Nation

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Get a glimpse into what it's like to be the busiest midwife in the nation in this week's episode of the Midwifery Wisdom Podcast. This week cohost Augustine Colebrooks talks with Wantina Brooks-Roach, a midwife in Kentucky who is determined to create a strong community of midwives and educate the birth world on strong preceptor/student relationships. They talk about what Wantina has done to be the most badass of preceptors, and her tips for how other midwives can follow in suit. Don't miss her talk "Why Is This So F*cking Hard? Identifying Neuro-Diversity in the Preceptor/Student Relationship" at the Midwifery Wisdom Experience in November 2022.

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-Midwifery Wisdom Experience
-Midwifery Wisdom Student Handbook
-Wantina's Midwifery Practice

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