Help Teens Eliminate Excuses And Overcome Obstacles | Summer Owens | Episode 166

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Whether our teens are stumbling around or truly driven, they will run into obstacles. Oftentimes those obstacles stop them in their tracks and that can be frustrating for everyone. They feel defeated and we feel frustrated. So what can we do to help them eliminate excuses and overcome obstacles? Today’s guest, Summer Owens, knows exactly what to do. Having become a mother at 15 as the result of a forced sexual encounter, she has not only raised her son, graduated from high school, college and business school, she founded S.O. What! and the S.O. What! Foundation where she inspires people to eliminate excuses and overcome obstacles to their success. In this episode of the Mighty Parenting podcast, Summer talks to host Sandy Fowler about obstacles. She tells us why these obstacles stump our teenagers and how we can help them overcome their obstacles.

Our Guest: Summer Owens

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