Parenting An Addicted Child | Brenda Zane | Episode 143

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Today’s show is about parenting a teen who is addicted to drugs. Not someone who’s in recovery or has moved through recovery, but a child who is actively abusing drugs. It’s not a pretty topic and many would say it’s not an uplifting one but this show is uplifting because we are all here to understand; to understand what other parents are going through, to understand how we can support another family who may be living through this, to understand what our teens are going through and to understand what we can do if it happens to us. Addiction is not selective. It isn’t governed by geographic, economic, or ethnic boundaries. Brenda Zane joins Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler to share her story of parenting an addicted child. Brenda shares her story along with support, direction, and hope

Our Guest: Brenda Zane

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