Supporting Teenagers During Covid | John MacPhee and Janis Whitlock | Episode 145

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(This is a re-posting of Monday's episode as the audio file was cutting off the last 12 minutes of the interview. If you already listened and were cut off you can skip ahead. I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.)

Teens can be difficult, withdrawn, or moody during the best of times and these are not the best of times. Our teens and twenty somethings are dealing with a lot and it’s taking a toll. John MacPhee from the JED Foundation and Janis Whitlock of Cornell University join Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler to understand what’s happening to our teens during Covid. They are shining a light on the issues and showing us how we can support our teenagers during Covid. These experts have it covered from how to tell if your teen is struggling to tips for creating emotional wellness.

Our Guests: John MacPhee and Janis Whitlock

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