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hello, so let me tell you, welcome to Miki farmers show. so this podcast is just a brief introduction about what and how this show is going to be all about. all in all, I would say one word is about being better, all right? so every episode you're going to hear is gonna be helping you to be a better version of yourself and you can take away some sort of piece of information which will help you in different areas of your life or in any particular area of your life. I'm not going to preach to you those typical words of wisdom, it's just going to be normal, simple talks and real knowledge, which has been helping me throughout my journey and still is helping me. and also I'm on a journey of learning, which is an ongoing process. so whichever piece of information will help me, I'm going to share it with you. so i don't want to tell you stories, I just want to connect with you because i want to say, guys end of the day, I always believe it's about giving back to the community and this podcast is going to be one of the media where i can share my information and knowledge and I can give back to the community.

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