#130 | Bring Others With You | Blake Hogan

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Blake Hogan is the Chief Executive Officer of Bunker Labs, a former Marine and all-around fascinating guy. Blake’s goal is to ensure that the American dream can be a reality for military veterans and military spouses and, that in doing so, we build a truly inclusive economy. He is focused on guiding Bunker Labs to help close the systemic gaps military veterans and military spouses face, such as access to capital.”. Blake is also the co-founder of a safety product company, BreakAway Safety Solutions, which provides emergency exits for outdoor events making it easy to get fans out of fenced in events. He served as an officer in the Marine Corps from 2008–2012.

Connect w/ Blake:

LI: linkedin.com/in/blakehogan

Web: https://bunkerlabs.org/

Connect w/ Jovica:

LI: linkedin.com/jdjurdjevic

TW: @TheJovPost

IG: @asap_jovi

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Title: Clean Break

Artist: Density & Time

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