Episode 45 - Dana & Rory Ogden

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Dana & Rory Ogden are mother and daughter. We are part of the same management team - and they are up to some fun stuff, including a fun feature film, that I had the chance to be involved in!


Dana Olita-Ogden

Dana Olita headed out to California for her daughter Rory’s acting career. Along the way she started writing screenplays. One day she decided to do an open mic to see if people thought her Mob Comedy screenplay was actually funny. She was promptly booked at that venue and than others from there. She currently performs in clubs all over LA.

Rory Ogden

Teen actress Rory Ogden headed west for California when she was only 15. She quickly graduated High School and went to work as a full time actress. She has appeared multiple times on the ABC hit What Would You Do? and the Adult Swim cult hit This House Has People In It. She has also appeared in multiple films and national commercials. She released her first music single Don’t Wanna Fit in at age 12.

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