How being PROACTIVE about your hormonal health can change the game for you!

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I can't wait for you to tune into this little pep talk!
The societal norm is to take care of something once there’s a problem. Oh you’re sick? Now it’s time to take supplements. You have high blood pressure? Now it’s time to change your diet. You have absolutely no period after years of irregularly, now it’s time to look into it.

But how about instead we become proactive with our health & armor our immune system every day so that when we are exposed to colds/flus/viruses etc. we’re less susceptible & get less of a reaction if any?

We don’t need to wait for shit to hit the fan to do something about it. We can do it now that way we reduce the chances of shit hitting the fan! And in the process we’re healthier, happier more fulfilled humans because when your health is vibrant your life becomes vibrant. When you’re the healthiest version of you, literally everything is better.
Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Where do you think your health could use a bit of a boost? Only you know how you feel in your body every day.
  2. What do you feel you need to do in order to reach that vibrant health? Go back to school? Read? Hire a coach?
  3. If you’re hesitant about it, why do you think you don’t deserve to feel amazing every day/the majority of most days?

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