[PART 2] How to naturally heal the ROOT CAUSE of hormonal acne

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Today we're chatting about how you can naturally heal the root cause of hormonal acne instead of putting a bandaid "solution" on it! Not only will this help clear up your skin but it will balance your hormones & improve your overall health in the process!
Support your Gut & Digestion

  • Add in fiber (plant foods)
  • Reduce/remove dairy

Combat nutrient deficiencies

  • My fave multivitamin: One multi by Pure Encapsulations
  • Head to my dashboard to find the multivitamin & to get 10% off! (Click HERE for the CANADIAN dashboard). DISCLAIMER: Always check with your medical care practitioner.

Drink lots of filtered water

  • zero water filter, Berkey or Reverse Osmosis
  • warm lemon water aids digestion & supports the liver

Eat Fatty acids

  • chia seeds, avocado, hemp seeds

Topically: Skin Essence Organics Skin Care

  • For acne prone skin I recommend the Fresh cleanser, Rosehip Oil, Light Moisturizer, E-cream for redness/rosacea & Facial in a Jar
  • Skin Essence Organics use code CORINNE to save 10% off!
  • Shop HERE if you're in Canada

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