Highway To HELL | Stories from Route 666

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Highway To HELL | Stories from Route 666
Years before 666 was a highway or even thought to be a road, it was a footpath that connected Mexico to and the United States. The name it had then was the Old Spanish Trail. Carved over centuries through the rugged desert by each footstep of ancestors long ago making the long trek from Mexico to the United States. They used the route for trading and to come into America, seeking a better life. In the middle of the 19th century, there was a war between Mexico and the United States that established new borders and the route wasn’t used as much. The old route meandered through rugged canyons, steep mountain passes, and crossed raging rivers. Many of lives were lost on this route long before it became The Devils Highway. But, when 666 was given its infamous name, its as though it was waiting for the opportunity to live up to its infamous name...
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