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Episode 53 Charles Hollingsworth
Charles Hollingsworth seemed to have it all.
He was a doctor with a successful medical practice in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada. He was married with 2 daughters, and lived an adventurous lifestyle with a love of jet skiing, running, and the outdoors. From all outward appearances, life was good for the 6ft1 doctor with 1950's movie star-leading man-like looks. But 1970 was a rough year for the 38 year-old.
His marriage had fallen apart, and his wife finally left him after years of his infidelities. His wife found new love, but Charles found himself living alone. He was battling financial problems, and his family believed he had undiagnosed Manic Depression. On October 26, 1970, Charles left his office following an argument and was never seen again. His car was found abandoned in a desolate area 24 miles from where he was last seen. Inside the car were several of his belongings, including his gun and running shoes, but there was no sign of Charles, and he was never seen again.
His case has been linked by some as possibly being connected to the missing persons case of Donna Lass. Lass, a nurse at a South Lake Tahoe casino, had moved into an apartment less than a mile from Charles Hollingsworth's apartment, just a day before she vanished on September 6, 1970.
Charles Hollingsworth was declared legally dead, seven years after he vanished, but his family wants to know the truth about what happened to him, and they haven't totally ruled out the possibility that he left his old life behind to start over. In this episode, his daughter Kathy discusses her father's case, and the details surrounding his disappearance.
If you have information about the disappearance of Charles Hollingsworth please call the South Lake Tahoe Police Department 530-542-6110
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