Introducing; Citizen Detective from AbJack Entertainment

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Introducing: Citizen Detective from AbJack Entertainment
Citizen Detective is a new true crime podcast from AbJack Entertainment, the same network that brings you The Murder in My Family, Missing Persons, DNA: ID, Scene of the Crime, and Zodiac Speaking.
Citizen Detective is hosted by Mike Morford (Criminology Podcast, The Murder in My Family) Naama Kates (Incel Podcast), and Dr. Lee Mellor (Murder was the case)
Each episode is recorded live alongside Citizen Detectives at home who share their theories, ideas, etc with us for each case we discuss. Citizen Detective is out now with episode 1 covering the May, 2014 murders of Russell and Shirley Dermond in Putnam County, Georgia.
You can listen to episode 1 of Citizen Detective right now.
To get more details on how to join the Citizen Detective team as we record live, visit the following social media pages:
Facebook Homepage-
Facebook group discussion-

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