3 Important Principles to Social Media Recruiting by Erika Dale

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Erika Dale shares 3 important principles to social media recruiting and building a successful network marketing business online.

Who is Erika Dale

Erike Dale did what she was told and went to school, got a masters degree and worked hard but only to find herself struggling financially.

At one point in her journey, she got a notification from her electric company that they were going to shut her down in the middle of winter.

She got started in network marketing in 2012 and had a series of ups and downs before she finally became successful.

Today, she’s a top income earner who leads a team that generates over $1.2 million dollars of year in sales. Her business has allowed she and her husband to close their brick and mortar businesses and truly understand the power of leveraged time and income.

Favorite Quote

"Ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice."

"People are going to talk to you regardless of what you do so you might as well give them something exceptional to talk about."

Recommended Books by Erika Dale

The Consistency Pill by Simon Chan

Atomic Habits by James Clear


Recommended Online App

Over by GoDaddy

Recommended Prospecting Tool

Phone call or Zoom

Contact Info

Erika Dale on Facebook , Instagram

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