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Do you want guidance on where to go and what to study… wonder if you should change majors? Do you find yourself up late at night searching for scholarships, and ways to pay for college without parental help? Do you wake up worried about everything, and just want to make sure you’re following God’s plan for your life? In this podcast for Christian college girls, you will learn to find GOD’S path for your college journey, and graduate with no loans or debt! I get it! It is so tough doing things the world‘s way, when everybody else is doing life without God and in their own strength, making poor choices, and taking out loans. So, if you’re ready to stop dreading making decisions, and find EASY solutions to help you pay for college while following His path for your life, this podcast is for you! Hey there! I’m Kara Walker, a twenty-something entrepreneur, amateur snowboarder, recovering over-achiever, and debt-free college graduate. In college, I too was a stressed college student, looking for money and mental peace. I wondered if there were other ways to pay for college besides loans, and wished for clear direction on how to make college and career decisions! Not only was I worried about drowning in debt, but also afraid I hadn’t heard Jesus correctly. Was I studying the wrong thing? Was I completely off track? I felt semi-out of control and was spiraling, until I learned how to hear from God and follow His direction. He guided me and gave me the stepping stones to pay for college. Scholarships, grants, testing out of classes, and other weird school hacks got me through debt-free! And, I’m here to teach you HOW to do this, too. If you are ready to find answers about your future, have an intimate and fruitful relationship with Jesus, and have enough money to KILL it at college, this pod is for you! So grab your cold brew and TI-89, and listen in on the most stress-free and debt-free class you’ve ever attended: this is Money and Mental Peace. ** Find God’s Path for College and Graduate Loan and Debt-Free ** Instagram --> @moneyandmentalpeace - Facebook --> Christian College Girl Community - Scholarships & Graduate Debt-Free - Connect --> Website -->

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