Is a Housing Crash Coming?

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What are the demand and supply drivers of home prices? What is the current status of those drivers and do they suggest a housing price crash is imminent, particularly given mortgage forbearance programs are ending?

Topics covered include:

  • How much have home prices appreciated in the past year compared to historical rates
  • What has driven the demand shock for housing
  • Why U.S. houses are so much more affordable compared to earlier periods
  • How big is the housing shortage in the U.S.
  • What could cause home prices to crash
  • How housing supply and demand drivers apply to local real estate markets
  • How to purchase a home in a hot housing market

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Show Notes

In a forgotten town by the Salton Sea, newcomers build a bohemian dream Rory Carroll—The guardian

For One Weekend a Year, a Tiny Town on the Salton Sea Becomes a Mecca for Artists and Partiers by April Wong—Los Angeles Magazine

Electric vehicles need batteries. Those need lithium. That’s where the Salton Sea comes in. by Elliot Spagat—Chicago Sun-Times

A shock is headed for the housing market by Lance Lambert—Fortune

Housing Supply: A Growing Deficit—Freddie Mac

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