Should You Invest in Frontier Markets?

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What are the risks and opportunities of investing in frontier equity markets?

Topics covered include:

  • What are the criteria used to determine whether a country's stock market is considered a frontier, emerging, or developed market
  • Why some countries aren't included in any MSCI stock index
  • How large are frontier markets in terms of population, economic output, and equity markets
  • How frontier market's favorable demographic profile make them attractive, but might not lead to higher investment returns
  • What are the risks of investing in frontier markets
  • How expensive or cheap are frontier markets
  • What have been frontier market's historical returns, volatility, and maximum drawdowns
  • What are ways to invest in frontier markets

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Show Notes

MSCI Market Classification

MSCI 2020 Market Classification Review

Kuwait’s Move from Frontier to Emerging Market—MSCI

Frontier markets Longer Term Investments (LTI) by Corinne de Boursetty—UBS (PDF download)

Frontier Markets: A Comparative Analysis by Cliff Quisenberry—Investment & Wealth Institute

Urbanisation and Economic Growth: The Arguments and Evidence for Africa and Asia by Ivan Turok and Gordon McGranahan

Why globalists and frontier-market investors love Vietnam—The Economist

The Effects of Board Structure on Corporate Performance: Evidence from East African Frontier Markets by Yilmaz Guney, Ahmet Karpuz, and Gabriel Komba

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