Should You Hedge Your International Stock Exposure From Currency Fluctuations?

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How to decide whether it is worth it to hedge currency exposure when investing outside of your home country.

Topics covered include:

  • How currency exchange rates impact investment returns
  • What factors impact currency exchange rates
  • What are carry trades and how do they influence exchange rates
  • How currency forward contracts work
  • How ETFs and funds hedge currency exposure
  • What to consider when deciding whether to hedge foreign currency exposure

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Show Notes

Rising U.S. yields push yen to lowest in nearly 3 years by Saikat Chatterjee—Reuters

Cutting Volatility in Foreign Stocks While Remaining 100% Invested: Hedge the Currency? by Jeff Weniger and Jeremy Schwartz—WisdomTree

Carry Trade Comes Surging Back With Biggest Gains Since 2016 by Robert Fullem and Brody Ford—Bloomberg

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