Should You Invest In Small and Mid Cap Stocks? Is Now the Time?

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Small and mid-cap stocks have underperformed large-cap stocks for over a decade. Is now the time to increase your allocation?

Topics covered include:

  • How big are small and mid-cap stocks
  • How have small and mid-cap stocks performed relative to large-cap stocks
  • How have active small and mid-cap managers performed relative to indexing options
  • Are bigger IPOs contributing to small and mid-cap stocks underperformance
  • How expensive or cheap are small-cap stocks relative to large-cap
  • What is the capital asset pricing model and how do academics use it to identify outperforming factors
  • How value, momentum, and quality drive small-cap stock outperformance
  • How to invest in small and mid-cap stocks

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Show Notes

The Morningstar Active/Passive Barometer

Initial Public Offerings: Updated Statistics January 5, 2022, by Jay R. Ritter—Warrington College of Business, University of Florida

The Nexus of Anomalies-Stock Returns-Asset Pricing Models: The International Evidence by Rahul Roy and Shijin Santhakumar

The Cross-Section of Stock Returns before 1926 (And Beyond) by Guido Baltussen, Bart van Vliet, and Pim van Vliet

Factor Timing: Keep It Simple by Michael Aked—Research Affiliates

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