S1E7: How to leverage your Business Credit Card

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This is Money Talks on TEA Project: A Family Podcast. Your hosts, Gadiel and Michelle Espinoza. A husband and wife duo, where they discuss Personal Finances, Managing a Household, and so much more.
Gadiel is a father, husband, a Military Veteran, and a Lawyer.
Michelle is a mother, wife, BOSS, and above all, a productivity ENTHUSIAST!!! Oh yeah, she is also a Certified Public Accountant, and a Financial Director of a large corporation.
In this episode, Michelle and I discuss how you can leverage business credit card. Here is a link https://accounts.chase.com/raf/share/1858368305 where you can open up a Chase Bank account. Chase is by far one of the better banks in the market for your personal banking and small business needs.
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