British Migrant Emma Raducanu Reaches US Open Tennis Final At Just 18!

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Congratulations to British teenager Emma Raducanu, reached the US Open final as her meteoric rise to fame continued with a stunning semi-final victory over Greek 17th seed Maria Sakkari in New York.

Londoner Raducanu, who was born in Toronto, Canada to a Romanian father and Chinese mother, extended her dream run with a 6-1 6-4 victory in which her dominance on court defied belief.

She is the first qualifier, which means she has to play pre-match games in order to qualify to enter the tournament, to reach a Grand Slam final and will play another teenager Leylah Fernandez of migrant heritage on Saturday.

Leylah’s father is Ecuadorian and her mother is Filipino Canadian.

In an interview with Jeremy Vine today on BBC Radio 2, the former British Tennis player Andrew Castle commented that there was something about both of the finalist’s ordinary migrant heritage that seemed to give them that extra drive and ambition to succeed against all the odds.

Raducanu is the first British woman in a major singles final in 44 years.

Prior to her amazing run to the Wimbledon last 16 earlier this summer, Raducanu was ranked just 336th in the world and was unknown outside the tennis world.

This win puts her on the verge of the top 30 after already being assured of becoming the British women's number one by reaching the last four at Flushing Meadows.

It also gives the London teenager - who also passed her A Levels this summer – at shot at one of tennis' most prestigious titles when she faces Canadian 19-year-old world number 73 Fernandez at 21:00 BST on Saturday. Source: BBC Sport.

We in the UK will be cheering you and wishing you all the best for the final tomorrow Emma! But whoever takes the title, it will be a victory for all hardworking dedicated migrants!

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Emma, who had previously booked a flight home for the end of the qualifiers, could become the highest paid British sportswoman of all time according to commentators, but it is still early days. There is no doubt that her earnings potential and profile have skyrocketed into the millions since she splashed onto our screens this summer at Wimbledon.

She will need to keep her feet on the ground and concentrate on her game rather than celebrity appearances, as well as very good financial advice. Too many young stars who become so-called ‘instant millionaires’ end up broke a few years later.

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