Inflation Is Back As Prices See Biggest Rise Since Records Began

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Consumer price rises in the UK saw the highest leap since records began in 1997 as the economy opened up following several lockdowns.

According to official government figures, the increase in the cost of living, as measured by the Consumer Prices Index, reached 3.2% (50% above BOE target) in the year to August, the highest since 2017.

Rising prices for food, petrol and used cars were up from 2% the previous month.

The main weapon employed by central banks to curb inflation is to increase interest rates. However, this will also increase their own government’s interest payments on the trillions of Pounds, Dollars and Euros they have created to prevent a covid recession and stock market crash.

One thing that’s certain to go up is tax! Tax hikes, like the tax on landlords, to pay for the billions in financial stimulus to rescue the economy during the last year.

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