London Property Hotspots Revealed

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Where Are The 2021 London Property Sales Hotspots?

The London boroughs of Camden and Barnet top the 2021 property sales hotspot table, report says.

Around £70bn of property has been snapped up by UK buyers this year fuelled by government incentives, such as the Stamp Duty Holiday and the furlough scheme which ends in September.

London postcodes Camden and Barnet were the most valuable sales areas, with Brighton in eighth place and the only location outside the capital, according to Mortgage Solutions.

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Estate agent Keller Williams UK analysed sold prices across the market in England and Wales since the start of the year and reports residential property sales reaching £68.8bn.

Higher property prices in the capital saw London lead the table. Property sales in Camden and Barnet alone reached £262.5m, with Merton and Wandsworth in SW19 hitting £248.8m. Kensington and Chelsea’s W8 postcode came fifth at £225,963,338.

However, the only top ten postcode outside London is BN3 postcode in Brighton and Hove, which has seen £206m worth of homes sold since the start of the year, making it the eighth-most valuable property postcode across England and Wales and the most valuable outside of London.

The popular seaside town of Brighton made the list (£157m), and was the only one on the list outside the capital.

The SL6 postcode in Maidenhead (£169.7m), the Dorset postcode of BN2 (£157m), SO41 in the New Forest (£125.9m), the Manchester postcode of WA15 (£120.7m), Southend’s SS9 postcode (£118.5m), BA2 in Bath (£117.1m) and Horsham’s RH12 postcode (£112.3m). Further evidence that buyers are seeking more space and fresh air, especially when given the option of working from home. Source:

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