More Than 1,000 Migrants Trafficked Across The English Channel To Seek Asylum In The UK In A Single Day As Government Says 'British Public Have Had Enough'

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An estimated 1,000 migrants illegally crossed into the UK on Thursday as the government warns the number of people departing from France with a “bon voyage” message form officials is "unacceptable".

The figure could be the highest ever daily total of migrant crossings into Britain. The previous record for the number of migrants arriving in the UK aboard small boats in a single day is 853, set on 3 November.

As we come into the winter season and rougher seas, at least two people have died while trying to attempt the perilous journey and several more have been feared to be lost at sea.

More than 22,300 people have made it to UK shores this year, more than double the number for the whole of 2020.

The situation is getting worse despite the government paying France £54m to increase immigration controls.

French officials have been accused of helping migrants being illegally trafficked across treacherous waters in small to make it to the UK.

Meanwhile, thousands of Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees are camped in Belarus on the Polish border having unsuccessfully attempted to enter Poland, a gateway to the European Union.

Polish immigration guards and thousands of troops are preventing what they say is a Russian sponsored invasion design to destabilise the EU.

In an interview with RT News, one Syrian family said they made the journey, organised by a ‘travel agent’, via Turkey where they spent a lot of money obtaining visas to enter Belarus with a view to crossing the border into Poland. They added that many of their relatives had previously made the trip and were in Germany.

A combination of climate change and the destruction of economies in Syria and Iraq has prompted millions of people to effectively force their way into the West by marching across Europe. They have given up on the usual legal means of applying for asylum or migrating to more prosperous countries.

The crisis will escalate as word spreads through the internet that nobody gets sent back once they arrive in places like the UK.

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