Tax Landlords And Wealth To Pay For Social Care Sir Kier Starmer Will Announce To LGA This Week

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Tax Landlords and Wealth to pay for social care is the expected policy of the leader of the opposition Labour Party Sir Kier Starmer, the BBC reports.

Sir Kier Starmer could be running the country as the next UK Prime Minister if he wins the next general election in two and a half years’ time.

Is taxing savers and investors the answer?

No! Higher taxation will deter investment and hit savers and the very people who ‘row their own boat’ and provide for their retirement and care.

Will increased taxes on investors and businesses solve the economic crisis?

No! Higher taxes will only make it worse by reducing investment and slowing the very economic growth needed for recovery. Higher taxes usually results in lower tax revenues.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Wake up! Financial education is and has always been the real answer to your money problems.

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