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In this episode, Eric and Owen are hanging out talking about their breeding season and what's going on in the Morelia world. Rob Stone joins us for the second half of the episode. We do this type of episode about once a month. We stream it on our Youtube channel, so if you want to catch it live, be sure to like and subscribe. Our Website: YouTube: @MPR Network on FB and IG. Email: Follow Eric: @ EB_Morelia on FB and IG Follow Owen:@ Rogue_reptiles on FB and IG. Follow Riley: @ Riley's_Reptiles on FB and IG Follow Lucas:@ Centralian_exotics on FB and IG. Follow Rob:@ HighPlains Herp on IG. Tee-spring store: Patreon: Podcasts to subscribe to: Subscribe and Share Carpet cliff notesColubrid CornerStudent of the SerpentCarpets & Coffee- which we also do as a live show on Monday’s If you like Herp History and Natural History episodes, you can listen to those episodes on the MPR feed.Humans of Herpetoculture

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