226: Calling out Abusive Tactics from Holland's recent BYU Address

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The Symmetry Solutions Team goes through the recent address by Holland, given at BYU, offering an educational lens in being able to recognize when inappropriate tactics are being used in a minimizing, belittling or abusive way. This especially impacts the LGBTQ+ community and their families. It has both local and global implications for which we are highly concerned. The last 30 min discusses resources for anyone needing help because of this address. For more about Colette Dalton, please visit: https://www.symmetrysols.com/colette-dalton For more about Jenny Elledge, please visit: https://www.symmetrysols.com/jennyelledge For more about Michelle Peets, please visit: https://www.symmetrysols.com/michelle-peets To help keep Mormon Mental Health going past 2021, please donate at mormonmentalhealth.org.

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