100: Mushrooms, Mormons, Myth and Meaning w/ Cassady Rosenblum

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Buckle up! It's our 100th episode! And even in our wildest plant-infused visions, we could never have dreamed up two better guests to celebrate with us. We are joined by Cassady Rosenblum and Tess Huntington to talk all about Cassady's recent feature article in RollingStone about Mormons (or "non-religious Mormons") using psychedelics to heal and find community post-religious orthodoxy. We discuss:

  • Background of the article
  • Amount of body shaming and sexual repression in the LDS Church
  • Insular nature or "peculiarity" of Mormonism
  • Difficulties in creating post-religious community
  • The meaning crisis in America
  • Role of psychedelics in finding meaning and building community
  • Finding our personal and collective myths
  • The Divine Feminine, embodiment, and conscious relating to the Earth
  • And much more!

Cassady is a rock star and she perfectly captures the essence of this psychedelic Mormon movement! You're going to love her.

Let's Go! (courtesy of Tom Brady)
About Cassady
Cassady Rosenblum (sounds like bloom) is a freelance journalist who, since this article came out, is on a yearlong editing fellowship at New York Times Opinion. She studied international relations at Wellesley College, taught high school history in New Orleans and received her Master of Arts in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley. Cassady previously worked as an audio producer for NPR’s “Here & Now,” and her written work has been published in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, and--of course--RollingStone!
Twitter: @cassadyariel
RollingStone Feature - These Mormons Have Found A New Faith in Magic Mushrooms

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