101: We Found A Love!

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Mike and Doug chat about capacity, boundaries and stepping up to love as we recap recent events including some of the magical experiences we had at the Revival Festival. We even end the episode with a special live recording of "We Found A Love" by Mountain Tribe, our favorite song from our favorite band that was the highlight our favorite moment from the festival!
Often in Mormonism, we become used to constantly pushing ourselves past our limits, living in a heightened state of nervous system arousal. We learned to push aside our bodily warnings, take on more than we could hold, and not honor our own boundaries.
Just because we may have room for more, does not mean we should keep adding until we exhaust ourselves. Healing means listening, resting, and knowing when we should stand up for ourselves and say no!
"We found a love
And it was old like the sun
This kind of love don't fade away..."
RollingStone Feature - These Mormons Have Found A New Faith in Magic Mushrooms

Mormonpalooza 2022

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