102: Layers of Love w/ Danielle Pitcher, Wellness Alignment

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We're back after a one-week Covid hiatus . . . and we couldn't have picked a more powerful episode to return with!
We are joined by Danielle Pitcher, founder of Wellness Alignment, to talk about her story through many different healing modalities. This discussion was powerful and difficult to summarize since we cover so much, including:

  • Kambo
  • Yoga, connecting to your breath
  • Ayahausca
  • Transference / Counter Transference in the healing space
  • Losing your identity in your role as a mother or father
  • Letting go of Control
  • Childhood trauma
  • Star families / aliens
  • Working with colors, light and frequency
  • Knowing the darkness and choosing the divine
  • And so much more...

You don't want to miss this one! Danielle is pure magic and she shares her story with such power, emotion and vulnerability.

About Danielle
Instagram: @wellnessalignment
Danielle's wellness journey started in 2015 when, like many others, felt she needed to find herself again. She felt called to start practicing yoga and Reiki and learning other healing modalitites such as sound healing, Kambo, and past life regressions.
She believes mother earth has provided us with everything that we need to heal and grow. She holds Sacred Circles weekly, where she uses the powerful Amazonian medicine Rapé and Sanaga. She also holds weekly group Kambo Ceremonies every Saturday morning. You can also set up one-on-one sessions with her.
Danielle also hosts wellness retreats providing unforgettable experiences in unique locations around the world, bringing yoga and nature together.
“I think it’s so important to connect to our higher selves and others by practicing mindfulness, breathwork, compassion, movement, and self-love. This is where the beauty lies. This is where healing happens.”
— Danielle
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