104: We Are All Healing...Mormonpalooza w/ Sara Urquhart (...and Steve)

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Here we go . . . we are joined by Sara Urquhart to talk all things Mormonpalooza! Who is ready to celebrate with us on Oct 1?!
But first, Sara vulnerably and powerfully shares her journey inside and outside of the mainstream LDS church. She also shares some of her psychedelic experiences, including her first experience with ayahuasca.
Sara is a force of nature! We can't wait for you to listen. Oh . . . and Steve joins us too.
About Sara
Sara Urquhart founded and runs SaraU Productions, an event management company producing events like Shift Gathering, Mormonpalooza, Summer Revival and many others. She founded and managed Alt Summit for nine years. As the co-founder of the Divine Assembly, Sara has a hand in the building of that community. She graduated from BYU with a degree in Political Science and spent the next three decades sitting on and running non-profit boards. Sara has worked for campaigns on the national, state and local levels–winning and losing. She has a masters degree in Emergency Management from Jacksonville State University. Sara currently volunteers as the Vice Chair of Mama Dragons, as a board member for Salt Lake Acting Company and for CIT Utah.
SaraU Productions

About Mormonpalooza
Instagram: @mormonpalooza
Mormonpalooza is a reimagining and reclaiming of our Mormon culture and heritage. A full day of celebration, including:
Fireside (11am - 3pm): Discussions on healing, spirituality and the human connection will fill the day.
Roadshow (4pm - 8pm): Comedy and music featuring talented performers and live bands!
Stake Dance (9pm - midnight): Dance, party, and play into the night with old friends and new connections. Be authentically who you are, dancing and playing in a way that feels right to you.
Location will be at The Clubhouse in downtown SLC. Tickets onsale now! Hurry and get yours before they are all gone (limited to 400 guests).
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