118: Aaron Woodall (Comedian, Mormon and the Meth-Head)

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We are thrilled to be joined by the one-and-only Aaron Woodall, talking comedy, LSD, the nature of reality, spirituality after Mormonism and so much more!
From the once-popular podcast Mormon and The Meth-Head, Aaron Woodall is a charming and affable has-been. Named one of Conan O’Brien’s Comics To Watch at the New York City Comedy Festival in 2018, he’s done absolutely nothing of note since. Once an exciting young comic with potential, he is now a withered and broken man just one pandemic later. His aptly-named 2020 album WOODALLALONE debuted at #1 on Aaron’s Venmo Feed, and is available now on Bandcamp. More of his jokes and yet-unfulfilled promise can be seen on Amazon Prime, Dry Bar Comedy, and the Garden City Army Navy Store’s website (this is true, apparently).
Aaron & Jessa Reed (Mormon and the Meth-Head) will be performing on tour in January! Check out the ticket links below:
Jan 5 - Salt Lake City - Wiseguys
Jan 6 - Cedar City - Mike's Tavern
Jan 7 - Lake Havasu - Legend's Bar & Grill (ticket link pending)
Jan 8 - Phoenix - JP's Comedy Club
Other Links:
The Divine Assembly - The Delle - Go-Fund Me
Mountain Tribe - Ancient Mama
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