99: Mormon No More, Man w/ Sally and Lena Osborne

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We are joined by Sally and Lena Osborne to discuss their new Hulu documentary series Mormon No More. We manage to stuff so many topics into this episode including:

  • Abundance of Love
  • People Pleasing and Self-Betrayal
  • Plant Medicine
  • Mediumship / Spirituality
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • And so much more!

Sally and Lena are beautiful, authentic, courageous humans! We can't wait for you to experience more of their magical energy.
When Lena met Sally…
We were both married to men for fourteen years! Sal was raised in a traditional Mormon family and Lena joined the LDS church freshman year at Brigham Young University. Being gay wasn’t ever an option for us.
We met in the fall of 2018 as a couple of naive mom friends! Now we’re raising our seven beautiful children together in Huntington Beach, California.
Lena is an intuitive energy healer, meditation guide, and yoga teacher.
Instagram: @becominglena
Sally is an adventure junkie, podcast host, and a coming out coach helping people peacefully navigate coming out of religion or coming out of the closet.
Instagram: @comingoutcoach
Website: www.sallyandlena.com
Mormon No More on Hulu
Rolling Stone Article
Donate to the "Lesbians from Huntington Beach" 12-passenger van!
Venmo: @lenaosborne
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