The John Kincade Show 6-16-2021

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With John Kincade and on vacation, Bob Cooney and Jamie Lynch open the show talking about Sixers game 5, Joel Embiid, and how Jamie went viral in Atlanta after he accused Trae Young of not playing “with honor,” (0:00:00-0:22:33). Then they continue the conversation about Trae Young lacking honor, and get into the whole practice from some NBA Players of throwing their bodies into defenders to draw fouls (0:22:43-0:44:35). They get into the injury issues the Sixers have faced, with Danny green being out for a few weeks, Embiid being hobbled with a knee injury, and how annoyed they are that this could mess with a team they felt was primed to maybe win it all this year (0:44:45-1:06:40). Then they get into who they most need to see step up in tonight’s game 5 (1:06:50-1:28:16). Later ESPN’s Adam Schefter joins to discuss Sixers vs Hawks, Joel Embiid, and other NBA News (1:28:26-1:51:15). Then they get into who the most important Sixer is tonight excluding Joel Embiid (1:15:05-2:13:15). They talk more about Game 5, what they want to see Doc Rivers do different, and more (2:13:25-2:34:05). Then to close out the show they talk to someone who had been trolling the YouTube comments to get to the bottom of his issue with them, and discuss why they expect Embiid to be dominant tonight (2:34:15-2:57:53).

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