Mouse Lounge -- Season 06 -- Episode 07 -- December 8, 2011

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This episode, the Mouse Lounge gets electrified!

I recently announced that I will be blogging for The Disney Driven Life. The focus of my articles will be on Disney music, from the films, parks, Walt Disney Records, and even those great 78s that preceded the formation of Disneyland records in 1955.

Of course I began planning my articles right away, and in doing so remembered I had produced a gem of a mini documentary nearly five years ago when I was living in Colorado. I looked up the show it came from and dragged it out of digital mothballs. Back then I believe the Mouse Lounge had two listeners, and I was one of them.

So, it pleases me greatly, now that the show has grown and matured to at least a half dozen DFs with positively nothing else better to do, to bring you, The Musical History of the Main Street Electrical Parade. You’ll learn the evolution of electronic music and along the way meet such luminaries as Bob Moog, Don Dorsey, Rick Wakeman, and Jean-Jacque Perrey (composer of the familiar Baroque Hoedown) and hear the brilliant music of Raymond Scott, Wendy Carlos, Yes, The Beau Hunks, Carl Stalling.

I’ll close the show with what is arguably the best iteration, and certainly most difficult to find of the parade, Tokyo Disneyland’s, “Dreamlights.” This track does not contain character voices, to better be able to take in the marvelous music!

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