Mouse Lounge Unnumbered: The Premiere Episode (Originally aired August 18, 2006)

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Today marks the 5th Anniversary of the Mouse Lounge. While I'm currently in production on another epic show (the first cut was three hours!) I thought I'd drag out of moth balls an episode that hasn't seen the light of day in those five years: the very first episode of the Mouse Lounge.

Listening today, to me it sounds positively painful. However, it demonstrates how the show began, how many of the original concepts still survive, and how much it has evolved.

The Mouse Lounge thrives as part of the Disney fan culture because of YOU, my listeners. You have stuck with me through four moves and hardships that have resulted in more than a few sabbaticals. After five years, I still love what I do, and love the people for whom I do it!

With martini in hand... here's to the next five years!!!

P.S. The artwork included with this episode is that which I scanned from a souvenir notebook I bought in the Magic Kingdom. It was the art I used until the brilliant Dave Laitinen designed our logo, still in use today!

All the best

-- Gary

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