The best way to get to Disney World from MCO

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Magical Express is gone. Here are the best transportation options to get to Disney World from the Orlando Airport.

Sunshine Flyer

Starts Feb 1 2022, Only goes to on Property WDW Hotels currently, not good Neighbors yet.

Premium motor coaches themed around old passages coach’s and train engines

Staff dressed as 1920’s rail conductors and engineers

Have a bathroom, usb, and 3 point seat belts

Sign up and you get a QR code to show when you arrive in Orlando

First 50 days they are giving 50% of profits from first 50,000 guests to make a wish

Must book at least 4 days before you arrive


One way

$17 Adult

$12.50 child

Round Trip

$34 adult

$25 child

Kids under 2 are free


Mears Connect

Standard Shared Service with limited stops


Express Service which is direct

Can book once you have your flight details and they use your flight details to communicate with you when you arrive.

Denaturing your hotel Standard service picks up 3 hours before your flight, Express picks up 2 hours before your flight


One Way Standard Service

$16 adult

$13.50 child

$32 per adult

$27 per child

Express service

the cost is $250 for up to 4 passengers, round-trip. Each additional passenger is $55.



Comfort MCO to Beach Club


Uber XL $52.87

MT connect (accessible medical transpot $71.30


Rent a car


Small Sedan $28.47 a day

standard 2/4 door $30.41 a day

Small SUV $32.62 a day

Large Sedan $30.41

Elite Sports Car (Mustang) $73.01 a day

MiniVan $75.34 a day



Bright Line Train

From MCO to WDW. Estimated in 2026

Video on how to get from Orlando's Airport to Disney World:

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