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Brian Bourne has been a longtime supporter of local original music. In the early 2000’s, he and his partner Gerry Muccioli built the very successful Bel Air Bash at St. Margaret’s Church and from there he went on to form the well-known and loved local cover act, Under the Covers.
He’s been circling the Mid-Atlantic for the past decade or two and has had a lot of success doing it. One thing is for certain, if Brian Bourne is involved, it’s going to be a success. I’m happy to welcome my friend and fellow musician to the show, Mr. Brian Bourne.
#Music #Covers #RocknRoll #MidAtlantic
Under the Covers -
Special thanks to: Double Groove Brewing, Vagabond Sandwich Company, Music Land Store, Heather Sipes - Baltimore Decal Gal, Black Eyed Suzie's, REB Records-MD & Caprichos Books

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