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Isaac Krapf is a talented Baltimore-based singer-songwriter. When he’s not writing his own unique blend of alternative prog rock, he’s networking with the local music scene and making a name for himself moonlighting as the guitarist for a myriad of Mid-Atlantic original and pop-up cover acts.
Songs like “Seasick”, “The Hollow” and Adrift are upbeat, but heavily layered with ambient landscapes. His music is accessible, passionate and deep; he puts everything into craft, so for this episode and perhaps going forward, I’ll be referring to Isaac as Isaac Kraft – with the special ‘K’.
Isaac Krapf:
#music #rocknroll #alternative #music #progressive
Special thanks to: Double Groove Brewing, Vagabond Sandwich Company, Music Land Store, Heather Sipes - Baltimore Decal Gal, Black Eyed Suzie's, REB Records-MD & Caprichos Books

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