Ep 209 - Pretty Woman w/ The Tasteless Podcast

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So, first up, Sam did a guest spot on "Wait, You Haven't Seen?" with Travis discussing this movie. You should all go check that out:


But once Liz and our amazing friend Emily caught wind that Sam would be up for discussing this titan of chick flickery, they railroaded him into doing an ep on it. Featuring Q's like:

Is this the cheesiest ending in film history? Who's worse, George Costanza or Phillip Stuckey? Have you ever had a situation where an employee has prematurely judged you?

But of course the best questions are from our premier Patreons: Emily, Julio, Dave, Dan, Chris, Nerdtrovert and Nick! Wanna join them and help shape the show? Well you can join them here:


Emily also has her own podcast, which you can find here: https://www.tastelesspod.com/

As does Julio! Find it here: http://www.wearethecontrarians.com/

And check out Dave's stuff! You can find it here: https://www.patreon.com/yourfavorite

And of course Dan, at https://www.netflixnswill.com/

Also Nick! Just search out Nikolis Kitchen

ALSO! Wanna buy Sam's book? It’s available on most of the major websites (Amazon, Book Depository etc), just search out Sam Hurley Compliance and ya should find it.


You can contact us here on Twitter:


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Or via email at mritqs@gmail.com


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