JOHN WATERS’ FILMS OF THE 1990’s and 2000’s

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Join Dan and Bradley as the welcome writer, frequent podcast guest, frustrated vaudevillian and one of the nicest and smartest cats on the planet, STEPHANIE CRAWFORD to discuss John Waters' essential and often undervalued films of the 90's and 2000's: SERIAL MOM (1994), PECKER (1998), CECIL B. DEMENTED (2000) and A DIRTY SHAME (2004).

and for those who read! here's a great piece on Waters' career written by the Great Stephanie Crawford: As Long As You’re Known For Something: Outlaw Fame & Friendly Infamy With John Waters

and as a bonus for those of you with the ability to get through the first 40 minutes of the podcast you will be treated to another tale of childhood misadventures from Bradley.

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