How to Rebuild Confidence after a Relationship with a Narcissist

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Our confidence is one of the biggest attributes attacked by narcissistic abusers. They wanted to destroy our ability to perform and lose our sense of identity and follow them. I would love to hear your stories of rebuilding your confidence.
What did you learn new about yourself? What new goals have you set? What new hobbies have you started? Drop a note in the comment below!
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To serve as a resource of hope, encouragement and validation to victims of narcissistic abuse so lives can be rebuilt by facilitating a revolutionary change to pursue dreams, visions, and living intentionally.
Validation. Rebuild. Revolutionize.
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery
Lynn Nichols is a narcissistic abuse life coach, author and personal survivor or narcissistic abuse.
Why Self-Doubt is the Narcissists' Greatest Weapon
5 Positive Gains after Surviving Narcissistic Abuse
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5 Positive Gains after Surviving Narcissistic Abuse
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