Building A Legacy with Kimberly Jean-Louis

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Mother, daughter, spouse, grandmother, friend, businesswoman, boss she serves in all of these titles. Kimberly is a driven hard working woman and she has received accolades, acknowledgments and so much more!
Watch and listen to what keeps her grounded, her support system, and how she has been able to create her own 3D legacy.
Kimberly Rosier Jean-Louis, MBA, is the owner and CEO of 3D Strategic Management, Inc. 3D Strategic Management, Inc., a full-service business development and community relations firm. In this role, Jean-Louis has worked on initiatives with the African American Chamber of Commerce, Orange County Public Schools (9th Largest in the Nation), Duke Energy and U.S. Department of Commerce. Jean-Louis created Women Empowerment Wednesdays, an international monthly holistic business development series. The firm also provides strategic business development serves to clients across the world. Jean-Louis created the Student Entrepreneur Educational Development (SEED) program which provides entrepreneurship training to students ages 13-21.
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