Holofractal Universe Theory: A connected universe

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Research begins at 25:38

Whether you zoom in towards infinity or out to the universe, this is one whole enchilada on a supposed universal theory of physics. Could we all be one - connected throughout the universe? What shapes are sacred geometry? Could we be living inside a black hole? So many questions - so much cosmos! Get ready for a galactic whole enchilada on the Holofractal Universe. Thanks to Jeremy G for the topic!

In the first segment, Andy and Art update you on their life in the bunker.

In the second segment, Andy and Art give you, the listeners, an uninterrupted presentation of their research into the Holofractal Universe Theory.

Finally, Andy and Art discuss twizzlers, Einstein, undercover PhD, and so much more!

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Music by Michael Martello
Artwork by Hannah Ross
Audio Editing by Arthur Stone

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