20. Ellen Rohr—Why Trouble Makers Make Good Entrepreneurs

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Were you a trouble maker growing up? If this describes you, according to our guest today, it might be the reason why you are such a good entrepreneur.
Ellen Rohr shares her misses, makes, and multipliers today on what she has learned over her years of growing businesses. As president of Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual Plumber, a home service company, she helped grow the company from zero to $40 million in franchise sales and 47 locations in less than 2 years. She is also the COO of ZOOM DRAIN Franchising, LLC, a new drain and sewer company expanding across the USA. We make Business UN-Complicated so you can live Life UN-Leashed!
Ellen is an author having written 4 books and has been a columnist for Huffington Post, PHC News, business journals, and trade magazines around the country – providing “in the trenches” insight that business owners can relate to.

If you are ready to talk about franchising your business you can schedule your free, no-obligation, franchise consultation online at: https://bigskyfranchiseteam.com/ or by calling Big Sky Franchise Team at: 855-824-4759.

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