53. The Man Behind the Laughs!—Scott Edwards, Founder, Laughs Unlimited and Serial Entrepreneur

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Have you ever wondered how to make it in show business? What's the magic to get your hidden talent discovered? This week's guest, Scott Edwards, shares stories, and some secrets, behind one of the most successful comedy clubs in the United States.
As a Business Entrepreneur, Scott Edwards opened over a dozen companies in his lifetime. From a small construction company to owning a Submarine & Beach Shack to a Disco producer. His Lifelong love of comedy led to producing Live Comedy Shows, TV Series, Concerts; and in no time he opened his first comedy club, Laughs Unlimited. He built this into a chain of the most successful comedy clubs in America. He brings his vast experience working with some of the most famous names in comedy: Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Bob Saget, Dana Carvey.
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