61. Transparency is the Key to Trust—Landon Eckles, CEO and Co-Founder, Clean Juice and Freecoat Nails

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How do you create trust with your customers? With your staff? With your franchisees? Our guest today, Landon Eckles, shares how he and his wife, Kat, have used transparency as a guiding principle for the growth and success at Clean Juice.
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**Connect with Landon on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/landoneckles/
**Explore Freecoast Nails: https://freecoatnails.com/


As the CEO & Co-Founder of Clean Juice and Freecoat nails, Landon Eckles puts his faith first and is inspired daily by entrepreneurship, leadership, business, and team management. In late 2020, Landon was named to one of the Most AdmiredCEOs by the Charlotte Business Journal and is highly sought after as a public speaker. He is also an active member of the Charlotte, NC area Vistage CEO group, his family's church in Elevation Lake Norman, and spends the rest of his time chasing his five young children. He and his wife, Kat, opened their flagship Clean Juice store in Huntersville, NC in 2015 and the rest is organic history. Currently, there are over 100 Clean Juice locations open across the country with many more in active development. Additionally, in 2020, Landon completed the acquisition of a non-toxic nail and beauty bar and rebranded the company to Freecoat nails.
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