33. Using Direct Mail to Grow Your Business—Joy Gendusa, CEO of PostcardMania

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When is the last time you used direct mail as part of your marketing strategy? It is an easy one to forget about with today's digital marketing-driven world.
Joy Gendusa, founder, and CEO of PostcardMania shares with us how using direct mail as a primary or complementary marketing strategy can be extremely beneficial.

Joy grew her business from a small startup in a tiny cottage in 1998 with only a phone, a computer and postcard marketing. That means no capital injections or financial backing of any kind.

And today, Joy has taken that small startup and turned it into an industry leader and Inc. 500 company. PostcardMania employs 286 people, has printed 1.8 BILLION postcards for businesses nationwide, has served over 95,116 businesses, generates over $60 million in annual revenue and now occupies a custom-built facility that stretches from street to street and spans over 60,000 square feet.

Joy regularly appears in various media outlets across the nation. Her marketing strategies and accomplishments are much sought-after and can be seen in the pages of Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine and on stage at today's premier business growth and leadership seminars.
CLICK HERE to check out the PostcardMania website and learn more about direct mail.
By the way, at the time of the original podcast interview recording, Big Sky Franchise Team had not worked with PostcardMania. Several weeks after the interview Big Sky ended up hiring PostcardMania for some marketing support and PostcardMania has asked Big Sky to help support with some of their growth initiatives too.
If you are ready to talk about franchising your business you can schedule your free, no-obligation, franchise consultation online at: https://bigskyfranchiseteam.com/ or by calling Big Sky Franchise Team at: 855-824-4759.

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