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Real estate investing can mean so many different things to people working in so many different areas of real estate. One thing they can all agree on is that the journey always starts out with the rush, the thrill of making a new investment, the anxiety of wanting – and needing – to find your first deal and hope it’s a winner.But is there a way out of the rat race?Welcome to My Cashflow Academy’s Investors Corner. In this program, you will learn from other real-life real estate investors sharing their tales of how they finally got out of the rat race and lived to tell the tale.Our guide through this journey is Athena Paquette Cormier, a mortgage broker by profession and the Founder of My Cashflow Academy. Through her interviews of top experts and regular people just like you, you will discover how they got out of the rat race, inspiring and guiding you to your own goal of financial independence. Every path to financial freedom is different so listen in to their stories, pick up their strategies and discover what path you might take that you never thought of AND get the tools to get there.As the founder of My Cashflow Academy, Athena is no stranger to educating people about finance and investment, and with her impressive résumé, that shouldn’t come as any surprise. In fact, Athena has been out of the rat race twice now (once before going through a devastating divorce only to rebuild and get out stronger the second time) and wants to help as many people as she can do the same.Besides being a government mortgage underwriter for the FHA 203k rehab program and guiding both borrowers and realtors in rehabbing properties in the 1990s to acquiring her MA in psychology. Athena has the tools necessary to best impart the knowledge you need to succeed in the field of real estate investment.As for experience, Athena’s got plenty! Athena has had over 30 years in the mortgage brokerage business, and even more in finance in general. She’s a dedicated property investor who’s owned and managed all kinds of real estate assets from short term rental condos, to apartment buildings to plexes and notes in several states.Before My Cashflow Academy, Athena owned and operated Crestwood Mortgage Company in Torrance, California. After eleven years, she eventually transitioned to even greater things. Now, she juggles a host of other real estate-related positions on top of her work with My Cashflow Academy. Since 2003, Athena has been the President of Mortgage Bootcamp Inc., which provides educational and expert advice to industries inside and outside real estate, even choosing to study for the Series 7 and 66 exams, pass them with 90%, and become a financial advisor for ten years before refocusing on real estate.With My Cashflow Academy, she has made a living educating and advising people on making wise investments, and this show is an extension of that. My Cashflow Academy’s Investors Corner is for anyone trying to create passive income from cash flowing properties so that you too can get out of the rat race and stay out and live the life you wish to, not the one you have to. Fueled by the individual stories of each guest that comes through the show, each episode contains something new to learn, something you might not even have heard about up before!There are so many things you can put your hard-earned money into. Choose your investments wisely so it can grow. Whether you’re in your 20s or your 60s, real estate investment is something you can do – and you can do it well with the help of Athena!Are you ready to invest? Come join us on My Cash Flow Academy’s Investors Corner because we’re ready to help you find the right path to attaining success.

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