Ep 46. Vitamin K and the Warfarin Diet

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Vitamin K and Blood thinners - Warfarin Diet

On today's episode, we talk to The Geriatric Dietitian, Katie Dodd, RD. This interview will help uncover topics relating to blood thinners and diet implications. Katie answers some critical questions regarding vitamin K and potential medication interactions.

- What does Warfarin and other blood thinners do?

- What's the relationship of vitamin K and warfarin (and other blood thinners)?

- What can someone do (with their diet) to keep warfarin working well?

- What foods have large amounts of vitamin K?

- Does cooking food affect the amount of vitamin K in the meal? For instance, would a person get more vitamin K in a spinach salad or cooked spinach?

- Effect of different cooking methods on the content of vitamins and true retention in selected vegetables - PMC (nih.gov)

- What about other vitamin and mineral supplements, and fish or flax oils?

Please check out Katie's article How to Follow a Warfarin Diet [Made Easy] to learn more information about eating well while taking blood thinners.

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